Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Course Update

I have updated the grades on the webpage. There are a couple of items I would like to point out. I've separated your scores into four categories (homework, quizzes, blog, and final exam). You will notice that I have tallied the total points earned for each component. To date you have completed nine homework assignment, seven scores are being counted for a total of 140 points. This means you have 60 points left to earn. You have completed four quizzes, three scores are being counted for a total of 300 points which means you have 100 points left to earn. You can enter in the scores for each component to see how many points you need on homework, the final quiz, blog posts, and the final exam for a particular grade. Remember there are 1000 points in the class. The grade break down is available on the syllabus.

On the second sheet you will notice your raw scores for homework assignments and quizzes and your current percentage in the class (far column). Please make sure these are correct. On the third sheet you will see your blog posts. I have updated the blog scores through today, but when calculating your grade I went through week 12 since a number of people have not posted this week.

There is a homework assignment due Sunday night at midnight. For those that attended class on Monday the assignment should be very straightforward. For the 45 students that did not attend class you will need to read the first part of chapter 13 on aggregate demand. We will briefly review aggregate demand before getting into aggregate supply on Monday after Thanksgiving.

There is one quiz left. It will be Wednesday, December 8th. As we discussed in class on Monday, the quiz can not lower your grade. You will receive the higher of average of your three highest scores or your score on quiz 5. For example, suppose your average for your highest three quizzes is 85% and you score a 75% on the quiz, your score for quiz 5 will be an 85, but if you score a 90% your score will be a 90.

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