Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A new focus on community colleges!

Obama announced a massive push in promoting community colleges. This is huge! We've talked about the higher levels of unemployment for low skilled workers and this is one potential solution. The only people upset over the proposal for profit colleges! I wonder why? I'm not a huge fan of for profit higher education. Lately there have been many issues surrounding how for profit college (i.e. University of Phoenix and Kaplan) exploit the financial aid system. So when they come out swinging, it makes me think it's a good idea.
But not everyone is on board with the effort. Organizations like Kaplan, the University of Phoenix, and various for-profit colleges are lashing out at Obama's plan, charging that community colleges are being showered with too much presidential attention and federal aid at the expense of other institutions.
 In other words the federal aid will be going to lower income families that want to attend community colleges, which happen to be a fraction of the price of for profit colleges. Many for profit colleges cost nearly the same to attend as private schools.  For profit colleges exploit the financial aid system leaving the students in debt and often without any employment after graduation. Here's a nice video by Frontline on for profit colleges.

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