Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why America Isn't Working

This is a great piece talking about why it takes so long to recover (you can read it here).
The honest answer – but one that few voters want to hear – is that there is no magic bullet. It took more than a decade to dig today’s hole, and climbing out of it will take a while, too. As Carmen Reinhart and I warned in our 2009 book on the 800-year history of financial crises (with the ironic title “This Time is Different”), slow, protracted recovery with sustained high unemployment is the norm in the aftermath of a deep financial crisis.
He goes on to talk about why tax cuts and added government spending will not work. His conclusion is right on:
The bottom line is that Americans will have to be patient for many years as the financial sector regains its health and the economy climbs slowly out of its hole. The government can certainly help, but beware of pied pipers touting quick fixes.
His book with Carmen Reinhart is a NY Times best seller. For those continuing in finance, economics, or accounting it is a must read.

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